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Dewey County Conservation District

Soil Conservation - Equipment rental

     Funding Available


Oklahoma State Cost share program year 24 is available

Application period is open December 6-30, 2021


To apply in Dewey County the land must physically be located in the county where applying


Cost share rate is 75%

Maximum payment of $6,000.00


Practices available in this program are: woody residue treatmentremoval (burnt cedars, biomass planting, range planting, basic & multi species cover crops, brush management, prescribed burning, fire breaks, prescribed grazing, water wells, pipelines, watering facility, solar plants, grade stabilization structure, grassed waterway, critical area planting, terrace, diversion, residue and tillage management-no-till.


Contact: Dewey County Conservation District at 580-328-5366 or [email protected]


Our office is located at 306 S. Broadway, Taloga, OK 73667. If you are visiting the office we are still in COVID restrictions. You may step in the entry way and we can service your at the door. There are applications in the NE entry door and there is a drop box you can leave submitted applications in. We will call you if we need added information.


Ok state cost share application yr 24